Friday, December 26, 2014


Happy Holidays! I just wanted to share something special for this Christmas, `cuz Christmas is about sharing right? 
Having an icon in your life means having an inspiration. Well for me, right now, my icon is Demi Lovato- one of the prettiest and amazing voice I've ever heard. She also deserve a thumbs up  in terms of fashion and coolness, special mention to her tattoos and cool hair. 
So moving on, I just wanted to share this amazing shirt with Demi Lovato`s face. Perfect for a long walk from your home to your tambayan, malls, parks, and more if you're really into walking like me and my friends (we bond while walking you know). I bought this shirt one year ago, so its kinda old but it never fails me, you just need to find the perfect partner for it (try the colors of Christmas- green and red to let you feel the holiday).
For all the Demi Lovato`s fan out there, enjoy and cheers! 
Be inspired and be happy this Holiday! 

Demi Shirt from ranz project
Colored jeans from YRYS
Camouflage Bag from MASTERMINDmanila  


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