Saturday, September 19, 2015

LOOKBOOK: Today's Culture

Here's the story- It actually happened last last month (July to August). Our cousins from Italy visited us here in Manila finally after 5 years. So we do a lot of stuff like mall hoping, having fun, eating, picnic, eating again, and many more. Its really fun specially because it only happen once in a blue moon and you are with your closest family member ever. I don't want to drop their names but I am referring to the Morenos, hahahaha.

So we bought this colorful and fun tee from TEE CULTURE. I found it very uplifting and very culture-ish. Its maybe because the word "culture" has a big impact on me, I don't know why but thats my feeling eh.

So finally I got a time to wear this wonderful tee of mine and suddenly I know on that moment why I felt different with the word "culture. Its because nowadays' culture is different. We explore and impress others, but the thing that I most like is what we called expression, and that's why in the first place I chose this tee among others- it express fun. It’s not just a tee alone, it’s a clear representation of how creative our generation is. And also, another thing that's good about this is that it can be paired easily with any other jeans and shoes. You can make simple outfits into an expressive and not boring outfits.


You can choose and check tee culture's designs here-Tee-Culture


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