With this thought, I decided to edit our shoot (by JOEMHERL SEGAYA) ft. my bench body shirt 100% green. With this one color I can not express my other feelings thats why I decided to edit these photos.
I used colors to expressed. I wear them to let everyone know what I feel and what I want to feel.
We interpret colors in our own way, but for me:
Red is Proud
Yellow is Shy
Green is Relax
Blue is Cool
Pink is Cute
Wearing #benchbody
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The Galaxy


Hello everyone! Miss me? Hahaha
Its been a busy month for me cuz were working on a project for our finals- student thing you know.
Well, this is my post for today
This art is inspired by #mint. I love their art shirts.
My cup is from #manilateam. Check their store in your favorite malls.
Shoes, #converse
Accessories by #thebeadshop. Cool!
Galaxy is a nice place you know.
I really love this post so much. ;-)
So thats it for now, bye.
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Join the Denim Revolution

A new season is upon us, and there is no better time to reassess our closets and prepare it for sactorial showdowns to come.
So what Im saying here, address climate change with light layers. Turn your denim jacket for a fresher alternative denim vest to breath of fresh air.[purpose of my sunset photograph]
Join the Denim Revolution! Wearing my best denim vest  [diy] over my black plain t-shirt paired also with denim pants. And ofcourse my favorite, chucks.
Now go and ramp your denim clothes and take some cool photos showing that you are a part of a denim revolution.
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The Popular

This post is inspired by Mika's new song ft. Ariana Grande - Popular Song
Why? Just listen to the song and read my favorire lines

"Popular, I know about popular
It’s not about who you are or your
fancy car
You’re only ever who you were
Popular, I know about popular
And all that you have to do, is be
true to you
That’s all you ever need to know"
See? I love the meaning of it. Be true, and that is being popular.
So because of that, I just wear a simple denim polo and a black necktie because thats me, simple with a touch of craziness ;-) Also with a colored jeans and converse.
Be popular everyone
Be true!
Let your looks represent your popularity!
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Add caption
Hello everyone!
Today is all about STARS! Did you know that the SUPER MOON will appear in the sky tonight? Yes, you read it, TONIGHT! So tonight will be a history.
Go to your closet and pick your stars, moon, galaxy ang planet shirts to show them how you love SUPER MOON.
Well in that case, I`ll be wearing my CONVERSE SHIRT, CONVERSE SHOES, ALLSTAR BAG, AND A CAP[borrowed]
Hope you guys will see the beauty of nature.
Enjoy your day!
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SUMMER through INSTAGRAM [@brianbony]

Time is running too fast, summer is over. Yeah, its back to school again.
And sorry for not posting lately cuz I really enjoyed the summer. And I really love the summer here in the Philippines. There is so many places to go and places that must seen. Well I`m proud to say that IT`S MORE FUN IN THE PHILIPPINES!
So these are the photos that I posted in my instagram accnt [@brianbony] this whole summer.
I`ve been using denim, shorts, chucks, and polos this season. Believe me, its really hot in here so keep your cool clothes for the next summer :-)
See yeah!
I miss here.
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